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I’m Anurag Chandak, with the experience of 30+ years in IT and 25+ years in trading,  I’m here to guide you through a rare and exciting trading journey.

Picture this – I stepped into the trading world at the young age of 24, right after completing my first technical analysis course. Fueled by the promise of mastering technical trading, I eagerly dived in. But reality hit me hard when those techniques fell short of their hype. This set me on a quest for something deeper, something that truly worked.

And that’s when I stumbled upon a game-changer. I discovered that the markets held secrets beyond the surface, secrets that could be unlocked by blending Astronomy and Astrology into trading. Now, this was something that resonated deeply with me as I had always been fascinated by Vedic Astrology since my early days.

Guided by mentors, I embarked on an exhilarating journey to decode the mysteries of W.D. Gann’s methods. Eventually, I cracked the code and uncovered Gann’s Lunar forecasts, a technique he used to predict market trends. Imagine having the power to foresee trends just like Gann did! This revelation not only supercharged my trading success but also turned trading from a nerve-wracking gamble into a confident endeavor.

Fast forward to today – I’m beyond excited to share my discoveries with you. I’ve simplified Gann’s intricate ideas, sparing you from the confusion of deciphering his complex writings. This course is designed to demystify Lunar Trading, breaking it down into easy-to-follow steps. Through engaging videos and interactive webinars, I’ll personally walk you through the ins and outs, ensuring you grasp and can effectively apply this powerful method. Having mentored over 500+ students in the stock market, and 1000s in mind psychology, I’ll ensure that you have the best of knowledge in the simplest form possible.

So, welcome aboard! Let’s dive into the world of Lunar Trading together, where financial insights blend with the mysteries of the cosmos.

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