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WD Gann’s Lunar System Decoded in our Master Courses on Financial Astrology.

Learn to forecast trends using planetary cycles & increase your trading success to 90%+ accuracy

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Financial Astro in
Stock Trading

Astro Technicals, also known as Financial Astrology, is a field of study that combines the principles of astrology with technical analysis to predict future trends in financial markets.

W.D. Gann was a legendary trader who developed a unique approach to analyzing financial markets. The Gann Academy is an educational institution that teaches traders and investors the principles and techniques of Gann’s trading approach.

What We Provide


Video Courses

Explore expert-led video courses covering various aspects of WD Gann-based financial astrology.


Technical Indicators

Access specialized technical indicators tailored for precise analysis and strategic insights in WD Gann-based financial astrology.


Mentoring & Coaching

Engage in live coaching sessions and personalised astro readings for personalised guidance and mentoring in WD Gann-based trading.

Why do you need the Lunar Master Course?

Turning Trends into Profits

Unlock Gann's Rare Forecasting Wisdom

Unlock Market Timing

Use lunar cycles to make timely and informed trades.

Works on all instruments

Can be applied to stocks, indexes, commodities & forex

Cut Through Complexity

Get rid of confusion & embrace straightforward Gann strategies.

Personal Mentoring

Expert guidance with personalized mentoring

At Your own pace

Flexible, self-paced video course for learning style that suits you.

Lunar Master Course Details

  • Introducing Financial Astrology
  • Introducing Astronomy & Astrology
  • Finding the right stock/commodity
  • Building the Master Cycle
  • Trading the cycles
  • Law of Vibration
  • Training the mind
  • Regular- 5 months or
  • Fast Track- 3 months or
  • Personal Mentoring – 4 months

A) 5 Month Regular Course

Indian nationals / NRI

  • Option 1- One time payment ₹59,000
  • Option 2- Three Instalments ₹22,100 (each payable within the first three months of joining)


One time payment – $2300 (Fund Transfer charges, as applicable, will be extra)

3 Month Fast Track course

Indian nationals/ NRI – One time payment ₹68,000

Internationals- One time payment $2750 (Fund Transfer charges, as applicable, will be extra)

Personal Mentoring Course (Zoom/Skype)

Duration 4 months (1 session(1 hr) a fortnight after 1st month)

Indian nationals/ NRI – One time payment ₹ 1,95,000/-

Internationals – One time payment $3660 (Fund Transfer charges, as applicable, will be extra)

  • At least 1 year of experience in stock trading
  • Basic knowledge of computers required
  • Basic knowledge of MS Excel or Google Sheets required
  • Trading view account (free version will do)

1. Windows or Mac (doesn’t work on Linux or VPS)

2. Google Sheets / MS Excel

3. TradingView (free version will do)

4. No indicators required

Language – English
Mode of delivery:

  • Recorded videos and live webinars.
  •  Live Webinars focus on Laws of Vibrations, Trading Psychology, Practical Applications and much more!


Works for all the markets and instruments whether it is forex, stocks, index or commodities.

The instrument should have a history of 15 years of trading in the bourses.

This is an invite-only course. Please fill up the application form using the link below. Upon shortlisting, you’ll be invited for a discussion on Zoom. If you meet our screening criteria, we’ll extend to you an invitation to join our exclusive Lunar Master Course.

Forecast Accuracy

You can check the past performance of the Lunar Cycle forecast here. By examining previous trends, you can make informed decisions and plan strategies with confidence in the precision of our forecasts based on lunar cycles

Lunar Master Course

Step into WD Gann’s world of trading mastery, where lunar cycles held the key to success. Our Lunar Master Course makes Gann’s cryptic teachings very clear and practical. We’ve taken the confusion out and decoded his teachings, making it easy for you to learn and apply his strategies.

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a straightforward approach to trading success. Join us in this journey to grasp Gann’s insights and enhance your trading journey.

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LMC Testimonials


“More than the market knowledge (which btw is definitely great), I am really enjoying the part where you’re teaching us about life (being patient, thinking positive and decoding vibrations). Looking forward to more of such revelations”


“Excellent session, when i started redrawing the master trend line, i was able to find some of my own mistakes which i did last time. The best part is that am getting more confident about this and getting a positive feeling about this which feels nice.”


The session was mind blowing. All topics were downloaded in simple language and with clarity. Live trend line drawing provided more clarity. These all are wonderful concepts. Thanks for mentoring us on this amazing subject. 🙏”


“The session was great. All topics were downloaded in simple language and with clarity. I am very eager to know more about law of vibration. “


“”Thanks, course is well aligned with the experience I had till now. Its easy to comprehend.”


“It was a great eye opener session.. Learning the concept of timing the markets.. Continuously watching the time pivots and confidence is increasing day by day. Excited for more such lessons….👍”

Fin - Astro
Technical Indicators

Our ready-made Financial Astrology TradingView indicators. 

Solar Trend Forecaster

It uses the Solar Harmonics to forecast upcoming turns in the market. It also plots the Gann Static and Dynamic Solar Dates.

Lunar Trend Forecaster

It uses the Lunar Declinations to forecast upcoming turns in the market which are extensively used to spot short term trend changes & reversals

Lunar Nodes Plotter

Lunar Nodes are important markers for trend change in stocks.
This Indicator plots the Lunar Nodes on the charts & alerts you for upcoming combinations.

Hora & Mahurata Plotter

Hora and Mahurata Planetary plotter is for the intraday traders. This indicator is based on Vedic Astro and is used to plot the daily horas, Doshas, and Mahuratas.

Planetary Ingress Indicator

Planetary ingress means entering a new zodiac signs. Ingress bring in change in trends. This indicators plots the ingress & alerts for the upcoming combination

Zodiac Aspect Indicator

Planetary aspects are important markers for change in trend. This indicator has an inbuilt ephemeris and plots the various planetary aspects on the charts


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Note that this is the NIFTY50 forecast but you can learn to do similar forecasts for any stock or commodity.

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