Gann Lunar Dates Trend Indicator


The Lunar Trend indicator is based on the Declination of the Moon. This TradingView indicator plots the declination of Moon. You can also set alerts which warn you about the upcoming Lunar Trend Change dates


Gann’s Lunar Date Trend Indicator

Introducing Gann’s Lunar Date Trend Indicator, a powerful tool designed to decode market trends with the precision of lunar declination. This TradingView indicator plots the Moon’s declination, offering traders invaluable insights into potential trend changes.

Declination is a fascinating concept in Astronomy. Think of it as a map of the sky, like a cosmic map we call the Cosmogram. It has cardinal points and an imaginary line down the middle, like the equator on Earth, which splits the map into the northern and southern parts.

As a result, each celestial body is constrained within a 90-degree range from the equator. The specific juncture where a planet touches the celestial equator is termed the “declination point.” When a planet moves northward from the celestial equator, it is referred to as having “northern declination,” while a southward movement designates “southern declination.”

These transitions hold great significance for astrologers and consequently must be factored into forecasts. Gann, in particular, places a strong emphasis on the Moon’s declination, specifically when the Moon crosses the celestial equator. Based on his personal observations, this juncture often signals a pivotal point, marking either the end of a trend or the commencement of a new wave.

Price Rs 5000 first year
Renewal after a year Rs 1400/- p.a