Gann Planetary Ingress Indicator

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Planetary ingress means entering a new zodiac signs. Ingress bring in change in trends. This indicators plots the ingress & alerts for the upcoming combination

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Gann’s Planetary Ingress Indicator

Introducing Gann’s Planetary Ingress Indicator, a powerful tool that delves into the intriguing realm of planetary transitions within the Zodiac signs, offering traders invaluable insights into trend changes and potential market shifts.¬†Planetary ingress, the moment a planet enters a new Zodiac sign, serves as a celestial harbinger of change. This indicator brilliantly plots these ingresses on your charts and provides timely alerts for upcoming combinations, aligning your trading strategy with the cosmos.

Gann placed great emphasis on the concept of “Planetary Ingress” – a precise moment when a planet transitions from one Zodiac sign to another. When you adjust the date in the Cosmogram, you’ll observe the planetary symbols moving in a clockwise manner along the Protractor. As a planet enters a new Zodiac sign, it typically signifies the potential for a trend reversal or the initiation of a trend.

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To master Gann’s Astro method, it’s vital to adhere to his specific rules:

Rule 1: When a planet and the sun simultaneously undergo planetary ingress on the same day, there is a high likelihood of a trend reversal occurring on that very day.

Rule 2: If a planet and the sun experience simultaneous planetary ingress over two consecutive days, it suggests that the trend is likely to change during this two-day period.

Rule 3: On days when either a planet or the sun alone enters a new Zodiac sign, additional astrological signals are needed to confirm the potential for a trend reversal. While such confirmations can be meaningful, they are not as significant as the simultaneous planetary ingress of one or more planets along with the sun.

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