Gann Zodiac Aspect Indicator


Planetary aspects are important markers for change in trend. This indicator has an inbuilt ephemeris and plots the various planetary aspects on the charts

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Gann’s Zodiac Aspect Indicator

Introducing the Gann’s Zodiac Aspect Indicator – your tool for pinpointing critical market trend shifts. In the realm of trading, understanding planetary aspects is paramount, and this indicator is your reliable guide to harnessing their potential.

Our Gann’s Zodiac Aspect Indicator boasts an integrated ephemeris, ensuring precise plotting of various planetary aspects directly on your charts. These aspects act as vital indicators of potential trend reversals, equipping you with a competitive advantage in the trading arena.

Price Rs 5000 first year
Renewal after a year Rs 1400/- p.a


The indicator has a built in Ephemeris which helps you check past data with ease.

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Geocentric(Tropical), Heliocentric(Tropical)