Gann Hora & Mahurata Indicator


Hora and Mahurata Planetary plotter is for the intraday traders. This indicator is based on Vedic Astro and is used to plot the daily horas, Doshas, and Mahuratas

Price Rs 5000 first year
Renewal after a year Rs 1400/- p.a

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Combo 2 - 3 25%
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Gann’s Hora & Mahurata Indicator

Introducing the Hora and Mahurata Planetary Plotter – a must-have tool for intraday traders seeking a competitive edge in the dynamic world of trading. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology, this innovative indicator is designed to empower traders with celestial insights that can significantly impact their daily trading decisions.

Harnessing the power of Vedic Astrology, the Hora and Mahurata Planetary Plotter allows traders to visualize and plot the daily horas, doshas, and mahuratas – celestial timeframes believed to hold profound influence over human activities, including financial markets. By integrating these cosmic markers into your trading strategy, you gain a deeper understanding of opportune moments and potential pitfalls.

This tool provides traders with a unique advantage. It not only highlights auspicious periods for executing trades but also helps identify times when caution may be warranted. Intraday traders can align their actions with the rhythms of the cosmos, potentially improving the precision of their entries and exits.

Price Rs 5000 first year
Renewal after a year Rs 1400/- p.a