Gann Solar Dates Trend Indicator


The Solar Trend indicator is based on the Gann’s concept of Gann’s Solar Dates. This TradingView indicator plots both the static and the dynamic solar dates. You can also set alerts which warn you about the upcoming Solar Trend Change dates


Gann’s Solar Dates

Solar dates, at their core, signify precise moments in time synchronized with celestial phenomena such as equinoxes, solstices, and other noteworthy astronomical events. Gann believed these cosmic events had a significant impact on market trends, making them valuable for predicting future prices. By studying these solar dates, Gann aimed to uncover patterns in financial markets. He was fascinated by the connection between the universe and markets, noting that financial markets often followed patterns that matched celestial events. Gann posited that the movements of planets and stars could influence human behavior, leading to recurring market cycles.”

Price Rs 5000 first year
Renewal after a year Rs 1400/- p.a