Cosmic Indicators

Solar Trend Forecaster

It uses the Solar Harmonics to forecast upcoming turns in the market. It also plots the Gann Static and Dynamic Solar Dates.

Lunar Trend Forecaster

It uses the Lunar Declinations to forecast upcoming turns in the market which are extensively used to spot short term trend changes & reversals

Lunar Nodes Plotter

Lunar Nodes are important markers for trend change in stocks. This Indicator plots the Lunar Nodes on the charts & alerts you for upcoming combinations.

Hora & Mahurata Plotter

Hora and Mahurata Planetary plotter is for the intraday traders. This indicator is based on Vedic Astro and is used to plot the daily horas, Doshas, and Mahuratas.

Zodiac Aspect Indicator

Planetary aspects are important markers for change in trend. This indicator has an inbuilt ephemeris and plots the various planetary aspects on the charts

Planetary Ingress Indicator

Planetary ingress means entering a new zodiac signs. Ingress bring in change in trends. This indicators plots the ingress & alerts for the upcoming combination

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